What is Stopping You from Getting the Best Rank in NEET?

As a NEET aspirant, your aim is to get best rank NEET. But what is stopping you from achieving your goal? And your parents’ dream? Are you not sharp enough to understand the lessons? Are you not intelligent enough to study and remember the questions? Is your memory too weak to retain the information?

The answer is no. You know you are sharp, intelligent and have good memory. Then where is the problem? The real problem is your procrastination – the tendency to postpone the thing. The problem is the confusion – what to study, where to start and how to measure the progress. You have all the study material but not getting enough motivation to plan and study.

NEETshala’s self-paced study plans are designed exactly to solve this problem for you. We guide you to schedule and study, and get a good rank in the NEET exam.

What is Self-paced?

You can start the study plans any time and change the start date of any week’s study plan as per your convenience. This flexibility helps you to progress as per your own schedule. Check below image.

What is weekly syllabus?

Every week, NEETshala gives you a syllabus. You should simply follow this syllabus and prepare for the weekly target test. You can use your own material or can use many of NEETshala-provided material. Below is the list:

  • MCQ practice
  • Flashcards
  • Concepts
  • Hand-written notes
  • Chapterwise daily tests

What is weekly target test?

After 5 days from the week’s start date, your weekly test goes live. Questions come from that week’s syllabus. You can attempt this test any time. But ideally you should attempt this test within that week. Based on the result from weekly test, NEETsala creates Actions for you. Actions list down your weak chapters. You should prepare these chapters in the second week along with that week’s syllabus. Once you complete revision of the weak chapter, mark that Action as Mastered. You can access My Actions from menu.

What is custom test?

Custom tests are specially designed for you. The questions will be different for each student based on their weak areas. Custom tests shows you how much you are improving in your weak areas. The more custom tests you attempt the better rank you can expect in the NEET exam.

Mock tests

After weekly revision, you can attempt mock tests so that you can check your overall result. Mock tests give you more confidence for the final exam. So please attempt all mock tests provided to you.

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