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Who will decide your career?

A recent research shows that after class 10th

  • 40% students decide to take a subject based on family’s opinion.
  • 38% students decide themselves based on subject what their friends choose.
  • 10% students decided based on under the influence of their teacher.
  • Only 3% students actually decide on the basis of their true potential & expect counselling and finally succeed in their career avenues.

Why Deepanksha?

हमारी पहचान, हमारा परिणाम
  • Preparation by Kota’s faculties.
  • Qualified & trained faculty team.
  • Well researched study material.
  • Interactive learning session.
  • Preparation evaluation test.
  • Highest selection ratio.
  • Doubt removal session.
  • Motivational counselling session.
  • Revision & backup classes.
  • Monitoring of students performance.
  • Board exam preparation cell.
  • Parents and teachers meeting.

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