5 Mistakes that are roadblocks in the way of a NEET aspirant towards success

Saving lives may be one of the toughest jobs in the world and likely hard is the way to get this job. A doctor is regarded as a very responsible personality. To become a doctor, it needs a lot of study, determination, deep hard work and along with these, a long-term consistency heading the aspirant towards the success. To combine all these parameters from the beginning of the preparation till the end of a successful journey not only saves the time of the candidate, which will get waste if he prepares again after getting failure in the first attempt but also it will save the mental and physical energy of the aspirant and he can start his professional journey energetically with a fresh mind.

     In this blog, we will discuss what are the mistakes committed by most of the NEET aspirant, which stop them from getting success in their journey. Join, Deepanksha for the best NEET-JEE coaching to become a motivating professional from an aspiring student.


Starting a hard journey like preparing for NEET exam may seem difficult in the begging. It will make sense some day and the other day it may seem impossible or brainstorming. But the inconsistency should not be a habit rather consistency should be a key, that should make a home in your mind. It should not be like that one day you read 10 hours and the other day you feel exhausted. Start slow with a few hours study session but continue it every day.

The 4-D Principal

The preparation of every competitive examination begins with determination, a lot of courage, devotion and dedication. The 4-D Principal is equally important for a NEET aspirant as Newton’s law of Motion. The aspirant should dwell it upon his mind for a successful preparation from the beginning till the success-


Impress these four words in your mind. Give your complete devotion to your NEET preparation. With dedication alone, you can reach your destination. Be desperate to be called as a doctor.

Disregarding NCERT

A NEET aspirant may enrol himself into the best coaching institute and may get the best premium study material but if he is ignoring the NCERT, it may be one of the biggest mistakes which can be a roadblock in the success of his journey. NCERT books are greatly recommended for the basic and essential knowledge for all the competitive and government exams. They are the best mate of the aspirant to get prepared not only with the data but also with clarity.

Giving up on the hobbies and interest

Giving up on the hobbies and interest may be one of the biggest mistakes an aspirant does for the sake of preparation. Two hours of study are enough than 5 hours of brainstorming and confusion. It’s not that difficult to get one hour for yourself besides the preparation time. When we continue with our hobbies, it keeps us physically fit as well as mentally clear. The hobbies also make our mind active and sharpen the memory and it gets easier for the aspirant even if he will study 12 hours a day.

Mindful of your NEET Preparation

Along with getting ahead with the syllabus, it is also important to revise and summarize the previous preparation. Repeating the same topics over and over again is a complete waste of time and some important topics may be skipped at the cost of this. So, marking which topics really need a revision is an important thing.

Avoid the clutter and distractions

Being in an online world and preparing for a competitive exam such as NEET at the same time is not an easy job. The gadgets are really problematic as well as helpful for the aspirant. Cut out unnecessary distractions in your life till you give your NEET exam successfully. Declutter the trash and uninstall the unnecessary and distracting apps because it subconsciously affects the day and the mood, which finally affects our day and study.

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