NEET 2023 Syllabus PDF Download For Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Are you also one of those students who are willing to get a seat in one of the top medical colleges in India? If yes, then we hope you are aware of the fact of how important is it to be familiar with the NEET 2023 syllabus. NEET is considered to be one of the most difficult exam entrance exams in the country. The competition is rising every year and with the vast syllabus to study it is really challenging to get a place on the toppers’ list. One of the most vital aspects, when you start your NEET preparation, is having the accurate syllabus with you. There are various websites that would claim to have the correct NEET 2023 syllabus PDF but you should be vigilant enough to trace which source is authentic. If you are searching for NEET 2023 syllabus PDF then you can check the Motion Education website. The NEET syllabus consists of three core subjects physics, chemistry, and biology. Make sure as you begin with your preparation you have the correct syllabus for all three subjects because to book a seat in one of the best medical colleges you have to invest time in studying all three subjects properly. Let’s have a look at the NEET syllabus 2023 for physics, chemistry, and biology:

NTA NEET Syllabus 2023 PDF – Subject-wise detailed topics

To crack the NEET 2023 exam, candidates must study each topic thoroughly. Below are the links to download the NEET syllabus 2023 PDF subject-wise.

NEET 2023 Physics Syllabus

The physics section of the NEET exam is considered challenging by most students. The topics are quite tricky and hence the students should target completing the entire Physics syllabus on time so that they can have enough time to revise. Let’s check out the NEET 2023 Physics Syllabus topics:

NEET Physics Syllabus 2023

Class XIClass XII
Physical world and measurementElectrostatics
KinematicsCurrent Electricity
Laws of MotionMagnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Work, Energy and PowerElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid BodyElectromagnetic Waves
Properties of Bulk MatterDual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Thermodynamics, Oscillations and WavesAtoms and Nuclei
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic TheoryElectronic Devices

NEET Syllabus 2023 for Chemistry

Though students have their perspectives, most of the students consider the NEET chemistry section to be comparatively easier than that of Physics and Biology. Let’s have a clear vision of all the topics that are a part of the NEET 2023 chemistry syllabus:

NEET 2023 Chemistry Syllabus

Class XIClass XII
Some Basic Concepts of ChemistrySolid State
Structure of AtomSolutions
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesElectrochemistry
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureChemical Kinetics
States of Matter: Gases and LiquidsSurface Chemistry
ThermodynamicsGeneral Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
Equilibriump-Block Elements
Redox Reactionsd and f Block Elements
HydrogenCoordination Compounds
s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Some p-Block ElementsAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and TechniquesAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
HydrocarbonsOrganic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Environmental ChemistryBiomolecules, Polymers and Chemistry in Everyday Life

NEET 2023 Syllabus For Biology

NEET Biology syllabus consists of both zoology and botany topics. Students should pay proper attention to all the topics given in the NEET Biology syllabus if they want to score well in the exam. Here is the list of topics in the NEET 2023 Syllabus for Biology:

NEET Syllabus For Biology 2023

Class XIClass XII
Diversity in Living WorldReproduction
Structural Organization in Animals and PlantsGenetics and Evolution
Cell Structure and FunctionBiology and Human Welfare
Plant PhysiologyBiotechnology and Its Applications
Human PhysiologyEcology and Environment

Choosing The Right NEET Preparation Books

Books play an integral part in helping students score well on the NEET exam. Having voluminous books piled on your study table is not the right way of preparing for the NEET exam 2023. Pick the best books for NEET 2023 syllabus. If you are unable to find the right books for you then you can take the assistance of Motion Education study material. Motion Education study material is prepared by the best faculties of Kota. This study material has got ample practice papers and previous years’ question papers to boost the preparation of the students. Every topic is explained vividly so that the students have a better understanding of the same.

NEET Exam Pattern 2023

  • NEET 2023 exam would be of 3-hour duration.
  • It will be conducted in pen and paper mode.
  • There are the total number of questions is 200
  • Students have to attempt any 180 questions
  • For every negative answer, 1 mark would be deducted and for every positive answer 4 marks would be given
  • The question the total number of marks is 720

Tips for preparing for NEET 2023 based on the syllabus

  • pick the best books for you
  • finish your entire syllabus on time so that you are able to revise at least twice before your exam
  • practice as many previous years’ question papers and sample question papers as you can
  • keep a track of the topics that you find challenging and invest a little more time in improvising them

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