AIIMS की आकांक्षा, तो JOIN करो दीपांक्षा || ADMISSION OPEN FOR JEE / NEET / FOUNDATION

Achievers Program - 6 Months

1.Our basic course batch starts every Month
2. We will help build your basic concepts in English , Physics, Chemistry and Math aiming at Class 11th and 12th syllabus. Let us aim at getting a good rank in IMUCET.
3. We know that Aptitude is a new subject for you and we will help you master it well. Aptitude is important for the Sponsorship exam as well as IMUCET.
4. In 6 months , help us take your communications skills to an extraordinary level , aiming not just at sponsorship but a lifetime value added to your life.
5. We will build an attitude that will help you become a successful Merchant Navy Officer.
6. Students enrolling for our 6 months batch, never look back.

If you want to see a TRANSFRMATIONAL change in your personalty then these 6 months are the most crucial part of your life. We at JMDi Academy believe that attitude is not built in a day but once it is built then you are unstoppable. Our students have shown phenomenal results over the years and have made us believe that we are the best IMUCET coaching institute in India. A good rank in IMUCET, a sponsorship from a great Shipping Company will certainly happen , we just need to INSPIRE you and we work on that every single day. Come join us and see the difference.

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