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Founders Message

About Deepanksha Classes

Deepanksha Classes today is today known for its quality standards and results. In the first year of our inception we gave the best results for Merchant Navy and became the best IMUCET coaching institute in Dehradun. In a span of 5 years today we are the best IMUCET coaching institute in India, our students not only got the best IMUCET ranks but they also get sponsorship of the best shipping companies of the World like Torm, Synergy, Scorpio , Anglo , MMSI , MSI , Fleet Management and so on. We hate being called an IMUCET Coaching Institute or Merchant Navy Coaching Institute because we are a mentoring Institute where we aim at producing the best Merchant Navy Officers of the entire Country and aim at making the Indian Maritime community proud. Today the best Maritime Training Institutes have recognized our efforts as our students have performed well in maritime colleges and not just that,  they have been performing well on Ship as well. We aim at producing future maritime leaders who become CEO’s of Shipping Companies and someday Ship owners as well. We are in touch with all our pass out students and we keep mentoring them as and when they require. For us at Deepanksha Classes it is always “STUDENT FIRST ” and we know we are going to inspire them with our actions so that they can become the best version of themselves. 

Founders Message

TRUST is the most expensive thing in the World and we are here to win your trust. We will work hard everyday with our team such that any student who trusts us, can proudly say that he was guided well , he was given the right platform to learn and yes he outperformed his potential with us. We are not a Coaching Institute but a mentoring institute where a student’s overall growth is very important to us. Attitude is above aptitude. If a right attitude is developed at a young age then there is no looking back, such a student will not only get a good rank and get selected in a good shipping company but such a student will perform well on ship as well. 

Deepanksha Classes is doing great and winning the trust of people only because of a great team of a highly trained group of Expert Facilitators and Teachers. For our team it is always Student comes first. All our actions with our team have just one focus and that is inspiring these young minds who have trusted us. All these years later, as I look back on Deepanksha journey, I am overwhelmed by the generosity & support of our Seafarers/Indian Army Officers community. The dedication of our staff, and most of all, I am overwhelmed by the perseverance of our students, by their tenacity, their strength, and the devotion we have claimed such good results.



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