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Best Olympiads Coaching In Uttarakhand 2021


Course Overview

Olympiads are exams that have been created with the sole purpose of establishing a platform in which students can compete and test their knowledge regarding various subjects & disciplines. These exams encourage students to learn about new things and to be always curious about their surroundings. There was a common notion among people that olympiads are only held for subjects like mathematics and science, but with the increase of craze in the fields of literature and technology amongst young minds, olympiads are being held for English, computer science, and other modern-education related subjects as well. These examinations judge students based on their logical and reasoning abilities sometimes also offering them exciting prizes. By building a healthy competitive consciousness among students, the olympiad helps in preparing them for future competitions.

Most Famous Olympiads:

  • International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO)
  • National Science Olympiad(NSO)
  • International English Olympiad(IEO)
  • International General Knowledge Olympiad(IGKO)
  • National Cyber Olympiad(NCO)

Class 1 to 12 students are eligible for attempting most of the above-mentioned olympiads leaving only IGKO, where Class 1 to 10 students are allowed.

By getting good ranks in such olympiads a student not only gets a boost in his morale but if they can acquire a good rank, the certificates obtained can help them career-wise as well. Through these students can also self-evaluate and understand what subjects suit them well, therefore, indirectly counselling them for their future prospects.

Many of these Olympiads provide a very detailed report card through which the student can easily analyze at which part of logic or reasoning are they lacking.

Most of these Olympiads follow the same syllabus as that of CBSE and ICSE, hence avidly studying the NCERTs will be sufficient to score good marks in the exam. For aptitude, you can seek guidance from experts who can teach you all the tips and tricks you require to sharpen up your mind and get a good ranking.

And your search for such experts is finally over as Deepanksha Classes has the experts and experience to help you achieve all your goals and dreams.

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