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PROS and CONS of Joining Merchant Navy

Everyone knows that Merchant Navy people are rich. The initial growth that can be seen in this profession can hardly be seen anywhere, where an 18 years old deck cadet is earning around Rs 25000 per month and the same person at 22 years is earning around 1.5 lakhs per month. If all goes well and exams are cleared at a decent pace with regular sailing, the same person can see himself earning around 7 lakhs per month at the age of 32 as a Captain. This initial jump or rise in salary is rarely seen in any other profession. The earning profile of a Marine Engineer also follows a similar trend.

Less competition

There is no doubt that there is excessive competition in the corporate sector but with hazardous lifestyle, too much time staying away from family and a lot of myths attached to Merchant Navy, till date not many gentlemen are ready to join this profession and so the competition is less. Your promotions await you, once you complete your sea time and clear your exams.

Visiting Exotic places

Though I agree that nothing equals vacations with family but still one cannot ignore the fact that mariners do roam across the World. They get a chance to visit Countries like the US, Europe, Japan, South America, and they get paid as well. One more thing, many mariners take their families along with them as well, so they get paid while they roam different places along with their family.

Tax Exemption

Generally people want to avoid paying taxes. Mariners are no different. So, they try and sail for 183 days in a year(around 6 months) to get that coveted NRI status. This means that they will now, not be paying taxes on their hard-earned money. Let us put it simply if as a Captain you earn 7 lakhs per month which means around 42 lakhs in a year with NRE Tax exemption. On land, to get those 42 lakhs as IN HAND salary, the minimum package of a person should be around 60 lakhs per annum. Now, to be honest not many in our Country enjoy this package.

You stay in your home town with your parents

It’s said that no matter where you go but you always miss your hometown. Today for a job people have to migrate from small cities to places like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and even abroad. Well, there is no harm in it but for those people who want to stay in their hometowns with their parents earning a decent sum, Merchant navy is a great profession to join. Through this profession, you are more close to your aged parents, in the comfort of your hometown than otherwise.

An adventurous life is something that you yearn for

A monotonous 9am to 5pm job is not what everyone would like. At sea no two days are same. As one day the time changes and other days the weather, the next day you reach port , another day there is a drill taking place and some other day there is a party on Ship. An eventful day keeps you busy and far away from monotonous life.

Time for yourself

There is no better place than Ship where one can find a place for himself. You have sufficient time to watch all the latest movies or series. You have time to read a lot of books or do self-introspection. Learning new things is always easy. Moreover, there are some inspirational stories where people studied while working on Ship and today they are IAS and IPS officers.

CONS of joining Merchant navy

Staying away from family

This is one of the biggest challenges that any seafarer faces without denying. Staying away from family is never easy, especially when you start your own family and have kids. Moreover, with aging parents and you not being around physically can be a very arduous journey for your counterpart. In case of any emergency at home, your immediate sign-off may be difficult as you might be sailing mid-sea. During these times you are required to be mentally very strong. Moreover your need to make your family independent, such that they learn to manage without your physical presence at all times.

Added note: Earlier it was more tough but with internet connection onboard at least today we are well connected with our family members at all times.

Yes, we miss home when we are away
The smile says it all, yes I am connected with my family.

Long working hours, challenging climatic conditions, and hectic work schedule

Beyond doubt, we face some harsh climatic conditions in our sea career. Sometimes, if bad weather is prevalent for days, we might not get a sound sleep for such period as well. Moreover, one is working with heavy machinery all the time, alertness at all times is the need of the hour.

Added note: We wear protective gears, we are well trained for the risks that we face, proper toolbox meeting is carried out and lastly, RISKS EXISTS EVERYWHERE EVEN WHILE CROSSING A ROAD.

Each person is entitled to his or her opinion and yes there might be some other pros and cons as well. People are welcome to share their opinions as well.

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