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Myths About Merchant Navy

A career in the Merchant Marine is a demanding task. Sailing the high seas is a whole different life experience that no other profession can match. Jobs in the merchant marine primarily include work on a variety of ship’s deck officers, engine officers, or general-purpose rating crew. We have heard various myths, fallacies, and nonsense from people who have no idea about the industry. This is the main reason why, we at Merchant Navy Decoded have decided to break all these myths once and for all, so that next time if someone asks a question actually being a myth, is stated in this article! In this blog, we have covered a variety of cliché myths about seafarers working in the Merchant Navy. So, let’s begin!

A) Seafarers Are Habitual Drunkards

The whole world seems to believe that seafarers are habitual drunkards. Moreover, they have an idea that the alcohol on board to a certain point is free! This notion gives people the credibility to believe that seafarers drink a lot of alcohol. What apparently gets ignored is the random alcohol tests that are conducted on board. The fact that drinking is a hindrance to severe judgment is also forgotten; and that mistakes at sea can endanger the lives of everyone on board.

In the favour of seafarers, the alcohol onboard is very cheap but that does not give them the freedom to drink it freely. Drinking on-board is fully in line with the company’s alcoholic beverage policy, in addition, the availability of liquor has now decreased onboard merchant ships. But not everyone is allowed, cadets and trainees cannot drink. Nor will you find any liquor on board any of the ships of the Indian shipping company. Additionally, most ships are becoming alcohol-free zones, given increasingly stringent regulations. However, seafarers are people too, their work is so physically and mentally demanding that perhaps they find a kind of relaxation in drinking.

B) Seafarers Have a Girlfriend/ Wife at Every Port

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